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WELCOME to a network of fire service chaplains across Louisiana..
The Louisiana Fire Chaplain Network, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, non-denominational, non-sectarian, quasi fire service organization.

Our Mission:  Serving the Louisiana Fire Service
Our ministry:  A ministry of presence – be there, listen and love.
Character goals:  trustworthiness, respectful, responsible, fair, caring and good citizenship.
Our Modus operandi:  to be trusted advisers:
>to serve mutual support to fire chaplains in Louisiana;
>to provide basic and advanced fire chaplain training;
>to be a resource to fire departments assisting with firefighter funerals, memorial services, promotions, retirements, apparatus and station dedication and other fire service ceremonies;
>to respond to disasters upon request of local authorities;
>to assist victims and survivors of critical incidents;
>to serve as liaison with local clergy and
>to be a confidential listening ear to those in crisis.

Our Training:
The Essentials of Fire Chaplaincy is  basic training for fire chaplains.  Over 30 plus years, The Federation of Fire Chaplains has developed this 16 hour intensive, fundamental, basic fire chaplain training  that is recognized as the standard of fire chaplain training world-wide .
The Essentials training is a face-to-face environment that provides an  unparalleled opportunity to receive the best knowledge and skills needed to be an effective fire chaplain.   Essentials is the training upon which all other fire chaplain training is built.
Who benefits:  Anyone newly  assigned as chaplain responsibilities and a refresher for veteran chaplains who wish to update their knowledge and skills.

We offer this training once or twice a year in our state.

Key Offerings for training….
FFC Essentials of Fire Chaplaincy (check with Training Events page for announcements and brochure)
CISM classes from time to time .

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Serving the Louisiana Fire Service