The links below are for informational purposes only.  We believe most of these sites are of interest to fire chaplains.  However, we encourage you to investigate these sites  yourself.

Federation of Fire Chaplains  FFC is an international fire chaplain organization providing frie chaplain training .   You can access FFC’s website for other resources, dates, events, and other material of value to the chaplain.  One of the major contributions of FFC is that it provides networking opportunities for chaplains from around the world.

 International Critical Incident Stress Foundation ICISF offers Critical Incident Stress Management training at various locations around the country.  You can access their website for classes, locations, costs, etc.  FFC also offers several of the CISM classes at our annual pre-conference institutes.

CIM Education Institute
CMI Ed I is a division of the American Academy of Bereavement that offers courses across the country for chaplains, social workers, psychologists, nurses, etc. on a wide range of subjects that would be helpful to fire chaplains.  Go to their website for courses, locations, times,  costs, etc.

Center for Loss and Life Transition CLLT is directed by Dr. Alan Wolfelt, one of today’s leading grief educators.  CLLT does seminars around the country, as well as a variety of books, videotapes, audiotapes, and handouts that can beof great help to chaplains working in victim assistance.

Sweeny Alliance & Grieving Behind the Badge  a National recognized company that provides help with coping with grief. Peggy Sweeney has a number of articles on FFC website’s Resources page. Check out these resources for grief   and

National Fallen Firefighters Foundation You can go to this site for information about helping families of fallen firefighters, about planned memorial services, and articles about LODD, firefighter funerals, etc.

Important Resource on Firefighter Health/Safety  A helpful guide for sleep and health issues for firefighters.  Check link below:

Firefighter Cancer Support Network A support group for firefighters and their immediate family who are cancer survivors, caregivers, and volunteers who are willing to share their experiences, stand ready to help, bring comfort, strength, and hope to those diagnosed with cancer.

Medical Negligence Awareness for Firefighters   A community outreach team dedicated to provide vital informaiton, tips and resources to individuals and families affected by medical negligence.

Mesothelioma / Asbestos / lung Information for firefighters.

Mesothelioma Guide an advocacy organization to connect patients to doctors and treatment options Free to patients.

A volunteer outreach mission to cancer victims of veterans and firefighters suffering from mesothelioma. This site give a great deal of information from causes, treatments and treatment centers, etc.

U. S. Attorney Excellence Program is an organization that helps match mesothelioma cancer patients with experienced law firms.

Mesothelioma Veterans organization offers free specific veteran resources and support for mesothelioma victims. Please check out the website below:  a group  who helps firefighters who have been diagnosed with PLEURAL  mesothelioma to understand your options and make good decision about treatment.  This service is at no charge.

A great resouce. What is mesothelioma? Worker who are most at risk, treatment options, legal advice and

A great Addiction Resource, treatments, support groups, rehab centers and others. 

Recovery Village has several locations across the country providing high quality care with those struggling with addictions.  Check out

One of UK’s leading addiction helplines.  Free helpline staffed with qualified counselors and recovering addicts.  Check out both these
sites:  and  caring for and supporting addicts.  provides information about diagnosis, treatment, financial assistance, cancer centers, top doctors, and other assistance.   Comprehensive information should you might be at risk of asbestos or health risk of asbestos.  Good info to keep in your files. is another great resource provides valuable information on all asbestos-related illnesses, including mesothelioma.  Some information found on the website is mesothelioma life expectancy, symptoms, and more.  You can also receive medical and financial assistance from talking to their patient advocates.  They can help you figure out if you are eligible for compensation from mesothelioma trust funds.

A Guide about Smoking and Mesothelioma  can be a helpful guide. is a site which has great resources.
Check out a recommendation from one who has been there on our LFCN News page.  has information about the basics of mesothelioma,  treatments, stages, survival rates, surviors, etc.

American Lung Association also has good resource and helps support QuitDay’s cause.

Fallen Firefighter Bereavement Uniform Program
  A Class A uniform for burial purposes are available.  Check out this website for
Also  for FFC Chaplain uniforms and accessory needs, see Lighthouse Uniform Co.

Firefighting   is a daily firefighter news and photos with headline news, a buyers guide, fire department directory, United States line of duty death news, as well as news from Canada, United Kingdom, New Zeland, Australia, and most of the rest of the world.  This is a great site to check out every morning to see what’s new.

 1st Responder News has news of interest to firefighters and chaplains.  They have a Chaplain’s Window that runs articles by Franklin Knower about chaplains and the chaplaincy ministry.  They also have fire service news by state.  A good site to check out on a regular basis

. Federal Emergency Management FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute now offers many courses online that are beneficial to chaplains.   You can now take IS-100, IS-200, IS-700 and IS-800, as well as a number of other courses online.  You can take the exam and print out your certificate right from your home computer.

Louisiana Department of Homeland Security You can access the state homeland security on the web for a great deal of information  that you need to know as a fire chaplain in Louisiana.

Louisiana Fire Chiefs Association You can keep up with what is happening with the chiefs, legislation, events, etc. by logging on to the Chiefs Association.

Professional Firefighters Association of Louisiana could provide information that might be of interest to chaplains. 

Louisiana State Firemens Association  The State firefighters organization in Louisiana has information that might be of interest to chaplains. 

Louisiana State Marshal provides resource references codes and rules, inspections and other resources for fire departments. 

LSU Carrol L. Herring Fire and Emergency Training Institute, certified training in firefighting.

Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry  including wildland firefighting in Louisiana.

Louisiana Arson and Fire Prevention Association.

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