There are a number of chaplain resources you can download from this page.

We now offer for purchase patches, and magnetic signs for your pov while responding to emergency scenes.LFCN-Patches-and-Door-Magnet REV2020

Challenge coins are now available for purchase 
contact for for more
information and purchase of the Louisiana Fire
Chaplaincy challenge coins.

Fire Chaplain Tool Kit  (your items you need)
Added Items for Your Chaplains Tool Kit
Check List House Fire  (giving to fire victim)

What the heck is A FIRE CHAPLAIN E-Book 2
  This book is a series of articles about the chaplaincy from the calling, the training,  mentoring, selecting our successor, ministering to those in crisis and death.

Assisting Children in Disasters with your Therapy Dog Team
This article is about how you can utilize a therapy dog to help children in house fires, accidents, and other disasters.

We also want to help with consumer safety.  Many people  are injured by drugs, medical devices, faulty cars and other defective products  – furniture, toys, human and pet food, and many more who don’t work as advertised.  Check out consumer safety guide  for
things you need to know for your safety.

Important Resources on Firefighter Health/Safety  According to study of IAFC, chronic sleep deprivation is a serious health issue for firefighters. has a guide focused to help combat this problem.  Check this link below: 

Addiction Resources – a great resource about addictions, treatments, and other resources in Louisiana.

Other Addiction Resources – a resource to help family with addictions.  helps people find the right rehab facility for recovering from addictions.  Check them out.

Another outstanding resource for Firefighters and First Responders dealing with addictions and mental health issues.

Another resource with articles about alcohol-detox and need for  sleep.  Check out this site:

Mesothelioma Guide is an advocacy organization which connects patients with doctors and treatment options.  Free to patients.

Serving Modern-day Nights 040519
A Fire Chaplain in My Department Why

Helping Survivors of Traumatic Events for chaplains
Theological Foundation chaplain
Many Advisers Makes Success
Dedication of a New Apparatus  pdf
Dedication Ceremony for Fire Stations pdf

Facing Death pdf

Application for LFCN Membership

Letter of Appointment Sample pdf
Let endorsement Sample  pdf

My Thorn in the Flesh – Devotional  pdf
Recruit Class Prayer Sample  pdf
When Your Hut’s on fire  pdf

Sample Chaplain Guidelines  doc
A Brief SAMPLE Fire Chaplain Program

Weathering the Sudden Storm of a Stroke pdf
911 Remembering  Prayer pdf
Memorial Prayers & Last Alarm  pdf
FF Funeral Christian pdf
Grave-side Firefighter pdf

There are also a large number of good chaplain resources on the Federation of Fire Chaplains site

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