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Federation of Fire Chaplains
Annual dues:    $125.00 initial dues (which sets up your training records and maintains your transcript); $100.00 annually thereafter. You can join the FFC online by clicking on and go to Membership.
Louisiana Fire Chaplain Network Annual dues:     $20.00.
You are strongly encouraged to join both.  This is a great time to be a members of FFC and LFCN.  FFC is growing internationally and LFCN is steadily growing in membership of chaplains in Louisiana.

Working closely with FFC and other organizations we provide training for Louisiana chaplains to equip and sustain an effective chaplaincy – Essentials of Fire Chaplaincy training, CISM Group and Individual Crisis Intervention, Pastoral Crisis Intervention, Prevention and intervention of Suicide, Grief follows Trauma and many other subject which are needed in the chaplain’s tool kit.

Membership Benefits:
–  provides standing in a professional organization recognized by the FFC and most other fire service organizations nationally and internationally.
–  provide identification through a photo ID membership card
– provides a membership certificate (suitable for framing)
– LFCN patches, window decals, challenge coins,  and a magnetic car sign is available to purchase to identify your private owned vehicle on a scene.
– both basic & advanced chaplaincy training by FFC, LFCN, ICISF and others available  in state and out of state at reasonable tuition costs.
– provides benefits for your department to save money by having chaplains trained close to home.
– easily accessible questions for firefighter funerals, death notification, and others from Honor Where Honor is Due – Louisiana Fire Chaplain Flying Squad team.
– A training library of written, audio, audio-visual, video, and other resources from the FFC  website  and our Resource page

Membership Eligibility Professional Membership:
chaplains who are appointed to the chaplaincy by a fire department chief;
.who are endorsed to the chaplaincy by their faith group affiliation;
. and are currently serving as a fire department chaplain on active duty.

Associate Membership:
chaplains who are appointed to chaplaincy by fire chief, but lack ecclesiastical  endorsement from their faith group affiliation;
. former chaplains who are not currently serving in that capacity;
. retired fire chaplains who are interested in maintaining fellowship with chaplains;
. and individuals or groups who have an interest in and supportive of chaplaincy.

Membership Dues:

Professional and Associate Memberships of LFCN are $20.00 per calendar year.
Professional and Associate Membership of FFC are $125.00 for the first year, and $100.00 per calendar year thereafter.
Both memberships are due upon January 1 of the new year.

–   Your Membershsip  Certificate and ID Card are conferred upon receipt of your membership application, letter of appointment, endorsement letter and dues.

 You may download an Application Membership Form and you can get a sample Appointment and Endorsement letter from the Resources page on this website.
Download your LFCN Application of Membership below:

Application for LFCN Membership

Send your application, your appointment and endorsement letters and your check to Louisiana Fire Chaplains, 2154 Waymon St. Shreveport, LA  71118, or you can pay  online for your LFCN membership dues using the secured link below:

However, please complete the application form, saying PAID ON LINE and send by mail or attach an email at to complete your file.

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