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Louisiana Fire Chaplain Network, Inc. was organized May 5, 2011, Incorporated, and approved as 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization on May 9, 2011.   Contributions are deductible under section 170 of the IRS code. Tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers are qualified a public charity.

Original Board of Directors LFCN Board pc L to R  Michael L. Kuk; Darryl Johnson; Lou Gordon, Past President; Shane Anderson, Vice President; Russell Aucoin; Bob Braly; Susan Burns (working with spouse program) and Jim Burns, Secretary-treasurer
                                                     Executive Committee

 President   Shane D. Anderson,  Fire Chief/Chaplain, Grant Parish District #3, Dry Prong, LA sanderson605@gmail.com

Command Chaplain / Training Officer
Michael P. Perser
    michaelperser@gmail.com – day to day adminstration and plans, schedules training for chaplain training in state and continuing education classes; serves as command chaplain when deployed to mass disasters.

Flying Squad Commander – Michael L. Kuk     When fully implemented, LFCN Coordinator plans, schedules, trains, and directs the services to fire service agencies in Louisiana who need assistance with Firefighter Funerals, Weddings, Station and Apparatus Dedications, Promotions and Retirement Ceremonies, Military Functions, Civic Ceremonies, Community Occasions, and Special Requests and Events.

 Regions Chaplain Director – J. Milton Gibson   Regions Chaplain Director is to coordinate the nine regional coordinators of the state, and assist in filling vacancies in the regions.

 Regional Chaplain Coordinators (Region 1 – 9) are to assist departments in their region to develop chaplaincy programs and help departments who have no chaplains their departments.

LFCN Regions of State

Region 1 Chaplain CoordinatorJames “Butch” Savage
Region 2 Chaplain Coordinator –
Region 3 Chaplian CoordiantorWayne E. Hunt
Region 4 Chaplain Coordinator –
Region 5 Chaplain Coordinator –
Region 6 Chaplain Coordinator – Michael L. Kuk, PhD
Region 7 Chaplain Coordinator – David Stephens
Region 8 Chaplain Coordinator – Tommie Woods
Regions 9 Chaplain Coordinator – J. Milton Gibson

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